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Yes Getter Formula

Get what you want 10x more often when you make a request for anything of anyone

Get what you want when you make a request for anything of anyone!
Kay Walker
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The People Magnet Formula

How to be the Most Extraordinary Person in the Room

Use this easy to use formula to make a killer impression in your business. In a negotiation, or when you take the stage to deliver a presentation. Equally it works in your personal life - in a social circle, among neighbors or even - if you are single - on a date. You can also use this formula to create ongoing incredible relationships with everyone you deal with or encounter in your life.
Kay Walker
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How to Be Unstoppable

12 Proven Strategies to Generate Confidence on Demand and Produce Amazing Results

Learn amazing, easy techniques to achieve anything your set your mind to. Learn massive confidence and eliminate all barriers to create breakthrough results. Learn 12 proven techniques to boost your confidence any time you need it. Be a magnet for business, love, friends and more, simply by following this step by step guide that teaches 12 scientifically proven ways to feel powerful, confident and worthy. You'll be able to generate more sales in business, more money at work, and feel attractive, when dating. Turn heads when you walk into a room just by boosting your inner sense of yourself. Confidence can be generated using one or more secret techniques used by the most powerful, charming and attractive people on the planet. With the techniques in this book, you can: > Achieve greater success > Overcome fear and negative thoughts > Live a happier, stress-free life > Overcome depression, and anxiety. > Dramatically increase happiness, > Develop a positive mindset, > Reprogram yourself for success > And reset yourself to be ready to design the life of your dreams. How does it work? This book shows you how to rewire your tendency for negative self-defeating thoughts and fears by using simple exercises that you can use in any given moment, before walking out the door, or when you are in the middle of an interaction. It was written by personal development coach Kay Walker, creator of the Kay is a celebrated life hacker and she is also the author of "The People Magnet Formula", "Super You: How Technology is Revolutionizing What it Means to Be Human" and several depression recovery books for teens and adults.
Kay Walker